Online Book Marketing

Are you an author looking to boost your book sales and get your work in front of more readers? Look no further than our online book marketing services!

At our self-publishing company, we understand the importance of effective book marketing in today's competitive publishing landscape. That's why we offer a range of online book marketing services to help you promote your book and increase your visibility in the marketplace.

Our online book marketing services include targeted social media campaigns, email marketing, book review campaigns, and author website design and optimization. We work closely with you to understand your goals and target audience, so we can create a custom marketing strategy tailored to your unique needs.

Our team of experienced marketing professionals has a proven track record of success in helping authors like you reach more readers and sell more books. We stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends and techniques to ensure that your book stands out in a crowded marketplace.

With our online book marketing services, you can focus on what you do best – writing – while we take care of the marketing details. Let us help you achieve your publishing goals and get your book the attention it deserves.

Don't let your book go unnoticed in a crowded marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about our online book marketing services and how we can help you achieve your publishing goals.

Online Book Marketing Services

Online book marketing is a crucial step in the self-publishing process. It is the key to reaching potential readers and making your book stand out in a crowded marketplace. Social media is an excellent platform for promoting your book. We will use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn to build an audience and engage with readers.

An author website:

Also An author website is an excellent method to promote your work and interact with people. We will design your website to sell books, produce a book trailer to advertise your book, provide free material, and communicate with your audience through blogs and newsletters.

Book Reviews:

Book reviews are an important aspect of internet book promotion. We will distribute copies of your book to bloggers, book clubs, and book review websites in order to obtain unbiased feedback. Positive feedback can help you attract more readers, whilst critical feedback will help you improve your work.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is an effective method of advertising your book. We will design email newsletters to keep your subscribers informed about new releases, specials, and events.

Book Trailer:

A book trailer is a little film promoting your book. To promote interest in your book, we will design a trailer using photographs, music, and text. To attract more readers, we will post your book trailer on social media, your website, and YouTube.


To reach a broader audience, we will use internet advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon Ads. To guarantee that your adverts reach the correct people, use targeted keywords and demographics. Self-publishing writers may utilise Manojvm Publishing House to reach a larger audience and enhance book sales.

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