How to Publish a Book

If you are thinking about publishing a book. Just get it published. Manojvm Publishing House helps you to publish a books in India.

Research and Plan Your Book:

Firstly you have to Plan why you want to write a book and which genres of books do want to write such as : Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoir, A Comic Book? etc. Mindset Book Genres is most important. Then You need an expert who could help you in your writing.

Start Writing

Before you start writing , first figure out what people like to read. Try reading as many books as you can to get good hold of ideas and think what you can offer something new to the readers.

Revision, Editing

After the completion of your book writing you might have to revise and edit it. You have to outline chapters from your book and create rough draft. Then, Contact with Manojvm Publishing House for professional book editor who will make your manuscript on different levels depending on their specialty. Our experts team fixes the sentence structure, grammar check, word choice according to document type (fiction, non-fiction, novel etc.)

Think of a Creative Title

Title is most important part in the Book. You should think creative title for your book because you did lots of effort. Book title attracts to the readers So, you have to choose unique and creative book title.

how to publish a book

Cover Design and Layout

As your clothes can say a lot about you, so does the cover of your book about your area of work, theme and topic. A good book cover speaks volumes about the quality and standard of your work. We at Manojvm Publishing House have a team of professionals who can help you in designing a cover for your book that can be classy, trendy, subtle, striking, serene, or exuberant, as per your need. We know that you have some brilliant ideas about the cover page you want for your book, but you also need some technical assistance to bring it on to the paper.


ISBN is mandatory for putting your book on the digital platform like Flipkart, Amazon and as an eBook. You can trust Manojvm to make all the procedures and formalities for getting an ISBN for your book. We cater to services like: We undertake the necessary prerequisites, like deciding the font, font size, page size, margins, and the number of pages, cover page, etc. before applying for ISBN. We can help you decide the maximum retail price of your book and can fill the draft application to the National Agency for ISBN allotment. Publication of your research as a book with ISBN through Manojvm is an easy, efficient and effective way of making your findings accessible by the society at large.

Printing and Online Distribution

Manojvm will print your book exactly the way you want it and will help in its marketing. We will distribute your book on Flipkart, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Google Play store. You don't worry about that we will maintain stock.

Relax and Earn Get 100% royality from book sale

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